New Age of Wealth

The Information Age Has Arrived

I would like to share with you remarkable, but mysterious events that happens approximately every 500 years – which are known as “new era’s”

About every 500 years, mysteriously but quite predictably, there’s a cataclysmic change in our world as one economic and social era ends as a new one is born.

This usually happens because of a significant historical event …. which usually results in some people being wiped out financially, but others make a fortune each time this happens.

Let’s take a historical journey so that I can further explain what I am talking about:

  • Around 0 A.D. The Roman Empire and Christianity was born.
  • By 500 A.D. The Roman Empire Falls and The Dark Ages begin.
  • In 1000 A.D. The Dark Ages gives way to The Medieval Age.
  • 1500 A.D. (1492 to be exact!) Christopher Columbus discovers The New World and The Medieval Age turns into The Renaissance Age.

During The Renaissance Age over the next 500 years, the printing press is invented, new ideas are exchanged around the world and an unprecedented amount of literature, science and art are created ….. What’s next 500 years later ….. 2000 A.D.?

The Information Age …. A New Era of Wealth Creation Begins! It is so important that you are on the right side of this next 500 year wave, and NOT the wrong side.

Take a long around and see how fortunes are being made AND lost as this New Information Age as arrived:

  • A relative unknown company named Amazon thrives while physical bookstores are becoming extinct (and retail giants like Wal-Mart better watch out!)
  • A company that made pocket calculators profitably for many decades is wiped out overnight when people use an app on their mobile phone instead.
  • Email devastates postal revenue and courier services.
  • A website that started off as a college kid’s idea for socializing goes public for billions just a few years after its inception.
  • Newspapers struggle for survival or go bankrupt while news websites flourish.
  • 2 Incredible guys from Canada become multi-millionaires by creating an awesome membership site (i.e. Wealthy Affiliates) that’s helping thousands of members learn how to profit in this New Information Age.

I hope you are seeing the Big Picture Now – Tremendous Fortunes are going to be made in This New Era – Please Don’t Get Left Out!

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