About Me

Hello Everyone!

My name is Robert Vallair.  I am the creator of the website IncomeCashCredit.com.

This very unique website is designed to basically do 3 Things:

1.  Provide a sound platform for generating real income from internet affiliate marketing.

2. Teach how to manage and grow your hard-earned cash.

3. Build solid credit, which will allow you to leverage your cash into earning more income.

Those 3 entities work hand in hand, You need a proven income earning platform, which will provide you with cash, and having sound credit is the foundation of providing a legacy of wealth for yourself and your family.

Here at IncomeCashCredit.com we also expose scams and ripoffs that are designed to take your hard-earned cash i.e., please click here to read about The Midas Legacy Bank Codes Scam.

We take great pride in providing you the complete, unbiased facts on so many scams that floating around on in the cyber world.

Thank You for taking the time to visit our site, and we are confident that you will bookmark this site for future reference.

Take Care

Robert Vallair