The Midas Legacy Scam

Herein lies the truth about The Midas Legacy Scam …. which so many people are falling victim to.
Below is the headline of a letter that I received from a fellow by the name of Jim Sampson ….

Midas Legacy Bank Code Scam

…. Please read further on how I reveal the truth about The Midas Legacy Scam and these secret bank codes which are nothing more than a clever way to take your hard earned cash.

Jim Sampson is the president and owner of an outfit in Florida called “The Midas Legacy”.  Mr. Sampson claims that he uncovered these secret bank codes while working at a bank (but he never reveals the name of this bank) and that those who have these codes would be able to skim money off of “Rich Jerks’ Accounts”

Mr. Sampson further makes the claim that when you have these secret bank codes, which he likes to call his “robin hood codes” and a special document you will have “rich jerks” sending you $1,183 a week …..

Rich Jerks Accounts

If it is too good to be true, Then it’s probably not true !!

Well you’ve heard that old adage before and that’s exactly what these so called “Robin Hood Codes” and “The Midas Legacy Circle” are ….. NOT TRUE AT ALL!!!

Mr. Sampson offers to give you 10 Lessons that teach you how to obtain these secret bank codes, and the documents to use with these codes so that you can legally skim money off of rich jerks’ accounts.

You are baited in by having 30 days to review the first lesson …… but you must give your credit card so that you can be bill for your 1st lesson in 30 days!

And each month, for the next 10 months you are billed $29.95 each month for a new lesson to be shipped out to you.  And there’s a catch that I will tell you about later from each of these lessons.


YES!  I knew this was another  clever Marketing Scam …

But I wanted to find out exactly what twist Jim Sampson and The Midas Legacy are using to scam people out of their hard earned cash – so I decided to “take the bait”

Upon receiving the first lesson and begin reading it – for the majority of the lesson there wasn’t any mention of  these “secret bank codes” that would allow you to skim money off of “Rich Jerks’ Accounts”

95% of the lesson manual talked about how we are embarking on a brand new information age and that fortunes are going to made in this new age – and yes this was about the only thing that Mr. Sampson was truthful about – but WHO is going to make a fortune?  You or Jim Sampson and The Midas Legacy.

Midas Legacy Logo


Finally, you are given one of these Midas Legacy “robin hood” bank codes at the end of the lesson.  This secret bank code that you are given is “GSNIPER” – which is really not a bank code, but I will explain what it is later.

But here is the catch I told you about earlier, You have to pay the $29.95 in order to have the next lesson sent to you, along with another secret bank code and then you are given instructions on how to use these codes to start earning $1,183 a week – skimming money off of these rich jerks!


So for each lesson that you continue to order and continue to shell out $29.95 each time – (plus get bombarded daily with emails about other secret ways to make money) … you are only given bits and pieces of information in each lesson.

But my friends here are the True Facts about The Midas Legacy, The Midas Circle, The Robin Hood Codes or whatever spin that Jim Sampson likes to put on this clever scam:

  • These “Robin Hood Bank Codes” are actually affiliate marketing links – They are NOT secret bank codes that were uncovered by Mr. Sampson while working at a bank.
  • To use these affiliate marketing links, You are required to open an account with a company called ClickBank.
  • ClickBank my friends is NOT a bank in the normal way you would think of a bank – It is actually an Internet Affiliate Marketing clearinghouse that is well-known in the affiliate marketing industry.
  • When you join ClickBank as an affiliate marketer, you can possibly earn an affiliate commission by promoting the products that a Marketing Company (the so-called rich jerks) are selling.
  • You are NOT skimming money off of someones bank account or off of any account for that matter … Under This Midas Legacy or Midas Circle, you are just earning an affiliate commission if someone buys a product that you promote using these affiliate links (or what Mr. Sampson is cleverly calling Robin Hood Codes)


Final Thoughts on This Midas Legacy Scam …..

In a nutshell, The Midas Legacy or The Midas Circle is just a clever way to show someone how to get involved with affiliate marketing through Clickbank.

By telling you that you are going to be receiving special “Robin Hood Codes” – which are nothing more than affiliate marketing links, Jim Sampson have his students believe that they are actually going to be skimming money off of some, stupid rich jerks – which is really an insult to legitimate marketing companies on Clickbank.

Please DO NOT fall for this scam.  In actuality the scam really is not in the information you are receiving …. but it is a scam in the way it is portrayed:

  • you are not going to be skimming money off of other people’s bank accounts – you will have the opportunity to earn an affiliate commission by promoting their products.
  • you are not receiving special bank codes – but you are receiving affiliate links that are cleverly masked as so called “robin hood codes”
  • you are not skimming money off of someones account at a bank – you are joining Clickbank as an affiliate to promote the products of these so called “rich jerks”


How To Get Involved with Affiliate Marketing The Right and Honest Way

Affiliate Marketing is can actually be a very rewarding and profitable business to become involved in ….. If you are taught the right way and not get discourage from it because of someone selling you a 10 lesson course that was portrayed as some “secret bank codes”

I have been involved in Online Affiliate Marketing for over 10 years and I was honestly taught how to get started correctly in this business by a legitimate company named Wealthy Affiliate.

I encourage anyone seriously interested in learning affiliate marketing to take a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate.  You can read my detailed review here:  Wealthy Affiliate Review

There is absolutely NO COST to join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member, and you become a part of a Training Community that actually teach you how to create and build your own website and learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

…. In fact you are given 2 FREE WEBSITES as a Starter Member and whenever you are ready for more advanced training, you have the option of a Premium Membership – But everything is laid out on the table straight forward – without any scams or misleading information.

20 thoughts on “The Midas Legacy Scam

  1. This group has scammed me for 3 years. How do I get a refund ? Ive tried to cancel membership but am refused. How can I stop this rip off?

    1. Hello Suzanne,

      I am so sorry to hear that these guys have ripped you off for so long.

      If you paid via your bank credit or debit card, You can file a dispute for receiving false information and it was not what was being promoted by these scammers. There really isn’t any such thing as “Secret Bank Codes”

      All Jim Sampson is doing is showing you a way to become a marketing affiliate of clickbank …. And clickbank is NOT a “bank”.

      You do have the right to cancel – if need be, you can contact your bank and have them issue you a new credit card, and tell them not to accept anymore recurring debits from this company.

      Please let me know if I can be of any further help, and I wish you all the best.


  2. Great information on Wealthy Affiliate and Midas Circle. I recently bought the 2nd lesson for $29 and after reading the reviews here, I will not buy another & will ask for my money back. I can’t say if it’s a ‘scam’ or not – the wording, and saying it’s a ‘bank’ isn’t entirely untruthful re. ‘Clickbank’ – which I’m familiar with. Samson has a ‘Day Trading’ program I’m currently about to test, so we will see if he is on the up and up.

    As for Wealthy Affiliate – it may not be a scam, but it was a lot of B.S. I got involved years ago, and wasted a month on some ‘training’ that was lame to say the least. Maybe it’s for some people, it wasn’t for me.

    Thanks for your input.

    1. Hello James,

      Thank You for taking the time to visit our site. Regarding The Midas Legacy, in my opinion if you are not being straight forward about the information being presented – then you’re try to scam someone out of their money.

      When most people think of a bank …. you are thinking of an institution like Chase or Wells Fargo. Clickbank is NOT a bank. The supposedly secret bank codes being discussed in this program are nothing more than affiliate links for marketing merchants of Clickbank in which you earn an affiliate marketing commission by promoting their products.

      Mr. Sampson want the buyers of this program to think that they are receiving some magical codes and you are going to be “skimming” money off of so-called rich jerk’s bank accounts. This is a SCAM! That’s why you are just given small amount of information from each lesson and you don’t realize this until you’ve purchased about 4 or 5 lessons.

      Yes! Please get your money back. As for as Wealthy Affiliate is concerned, I’ve been a member for over 3 years and I was able to build this website and several others ( and from scratch with no prior training in affiliate marketing or website development.

      WA may be for some people and not for others – but the on going training I’ve received has been very useful to me – and I’ve appreciated the straight forward information that is given. Granted, there are no “instant” riches or “secret codes” in affiliate marketing. I prefer paying for something that is straight forward and not deceiving.

      Wish you all the best and much success.


  3. This is a marketing strategy for Wealthy Affiliate which if you google has TERRIBLE reviews and is a scam. I have taken both courses from The Midas Legacy, you are wrong. The Robin Hood Codes have nothing to do with the Bank Codes, those are two separate products they offer that you have confused together for a biased review to get people to buy your product instead. Great marketing tactic.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. However, I beg to disagree with you – I subscribed to this Midas Legacy and it has EVERYTHING to do the the Robin Hood codes – which again you are made to think that you are skimming money off of “rich jerks” bank account. If THAT”S NOT A SCAM – I don’t know what your definition of a scam is. Robin Hood codes are nothing more than a clever way to copy and paste marketing links to market products for clickbank affiliates.

      Yes, I do recommend Wealthy Affliate and do you believe everything that you Google??? I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for over 10 years and believe me my friend They are not a scam. I suggest you really do your homework. And I am curious – How are these secret bank codes working out for you?

      Wish you all the best.


  4. Robert, thank you so much for taking the time to re-direct the focus of us who are less savvy opportunity seekers. There are so many pitfalls in the marketplace, especially on the internet, to watch out for. So, we need as many angels and watch-doggies as are possible. Certainly, you are to be applauded in no small way for being one of them!

    1. Hello Charlie,

      Thank You so much for taking the time to visit our site. Yes, you are so correct about the many pitfalls and scams involved with affiliate marketing. I was fortunate enough to learn affiliate marketing and building a legitimate site from the honest training received from Wealthy Affiliate.

      Before learning how to do this business correctly, I lost thousands of dollars – but I’m glad I’m able to help prevent others from making the mistakes I did.

      Wish you all the best!


  5. Was glad your to read your truthful article on the Midas Legacy before I got to involved in it. You are to be commended in saving a lot of people from loosing a lot of money. Thank you!

    1. Hi Robert

      Thank You for taking the time out to visit our website. We’re so glad that you found this article before investing your hard earned dollars into this scam.

      I purchased the product just to see exactly how it worked, even though I felt there was no such thing as skimming money off of someone’s bank account (unless you where a bank employee doing it illegally). After the 3rd lesson, in which you had to keep paying for each lesson, I knew immediately that this was nothing more than becoming an affiliate marketer through ClickBank.

      There is nothing wrong with being an affiliate marketer with ClickBank – but ClickBank is NOT a conventional “bank” – it is a clearing house for marketing products online. Jim Sampson and his Midas Legacy Scam want people to think that ClickBank is some secret bank, in which you can skim money from other peoples account – when in actuality you are becoming an affiliate marketer for merchants who sell their products and services through ClickBank, and you earn an affiliate commission by being an affiliate marketer for that merchant.

      I’ve been an affiliate marketer through ClickBank for years, but I got involved with it the right way through legitimate training from Wealthy Affiliate.

      Again, I’m glad that you came across our article and I wish you all the best.


  6. Thank you for your honest report. I wish I could have stuck with Wealthy Affiliate. They meant a lot to me. This guy has a bad way of communicating and using the wrong language. Not a positive person at all.

    1. Hi Peter,

      You are Welcome. This Midas Legacy Secret Bank Codes is truly a misleading report. There is no such thing as a way to secretly skim money from the accounts of bank customers. And yes their customer service reps. are very rude and definitely don’t know the scam they’re pushing.

      I’m sorry you were not able to stay with Wealthy Affiliate. At Wealthy Affiliate you are really taught how to build your own website and receive continuous training and education about online affiliate marketing the correct way and not some kind of tricky scam like the Midas Legacy.

      Wish you all the best.


  7. Im so glad I read this review! I was on fence and decided to research the company. Everything i found was negative. They even have an F rating with the BBB. I called the number provided prior and the lady told me the Bank Raider has nothing to do with affiliate marketing, no I see its a lie. Thank you so much for this review

    1. Hi Kimene

      I am so glad this review was a benefit to you. Yes, The Midas Legacy Bank Codes are one of the biggest scams going around today.

      Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn a good income, IF you get involved with it the right way. Again, Thank you for visiting our website.


  8. I’ve been “gotten”by the Midas Legacy scam and they are still trying to get me by sending me a letter sounding good but when I go to the site they mentioned in the letter, it always asks for more money. I’ve spent about $200.-300. with them, but I have not made a dime with them; just reading, reading, reading.

    1. Hello John,

      Thanks so much for reading our report about this scam. I am sorry that you have lost so much money with this rip-off. If you paid by a bank credit or debit card, you can file a claim against them for not receiving what was promised and get your money back. When I was investigating this scam, I was able to get back the money I spent on their so called “Robin Hood” bank codes.

      Yes, they continue to bombard you with emails offering more fraudulent special reports that are not worth the paper they’re written on. I suggest you opt out of receiving their emails and immediately file a claim to get your money back.

      Good Luck,


  9. Dear Robert,

    I am looking forward to your Google Sniper 3.0 Analysis and I sincerely hope it does well for you!

    Yours with appreciation,

    Tom Morrow

  10. Read your review/comments about The Midas Legacy – Bank Codes.
    Thanks for the TRUTH.

    Any review/comments on Google Sniper 3.0 program?

    Yours with appreciation,
    Tom Morrow

    1. Hello Tom,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read the truth about The Midas Legacy and the so called secret bank codes. In regards to the Google Sniper 3.0 program, I’ve just purchased the program about a month ago and I am in the process of writing an unbiased review on it. For starters, I will be pulling their banner ads from my site, and I will explain why in my upcoming review.

      Again, Thank You for visiting our site.

      Take Care,


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